About MiniRöcke

Always looking for practical and beautiful things for my son, I started years ago sewing first pieces without any frills. From the very beginning I tried to combine beautiful fabrics and great colors with clear cuts.

Now, after a few years, two more children and the whole families relocation to Finland, I am designing and sewing more than ever. Influenced by many new impressions and inspirated by light, wind and water in and around Helsinki, grow new things in my small workshop every day. Not at least the wonderful Finnish fabrics (Marimekko, Finlayson, etc.) make me more creative. Enjoy my products as much as my family and friends do!

Everything by MiniRöcke is handmade whether sewn, quilted, printed, photographed or timbered.
Each piece is unique and made with a lot of fun and a special attention to the detail. Have fun with it in everyday life!

Feel free to order desired sizes and colours and further I try to fulfill special wishes.
Please don't hesitate to write me: